Donegal Clydesdales Heading

Donegal Dr Pepper - (M34148) Canadian, (24413) U.S.
Grand Champion Stallion and Supreme Champion Clydesdale at the 2011 World Clydesdale Show.

For over a century my family has used and raised Clydesdale horses.  A Clydesdale should be a Clydesdale.  It was the massive feet, the fine plentiful feather, the abundance of pastern, and the bountiful flat bone, that caught the attention of so many people around the world.  Without these characteristics you may have a horse registered as a Clydesdale, but you don't have a Clydesdale.

To this end, when I became able to own my own Clydesdales, I sought to have the bloodlines of the two great sires Doura Excelsior and Bardrill Castle.  Firm in the conviction that there was not a good market for slow race horses I recognised that draft horses needed size to top the market.  Scott Benefactor, Greendykes Royale and Donegal Joe Nine Lives gave my herd an abundance of size.

I invite you to come visit.  I love showing the horses.  I'll provide you with a place to sleep and plenty to eat.  I hope to see you.        Greg Gallagher