Donegal Clydesdales Heading

Dispersal Sale and Retirement Party - October, 2014

Dispersal sale: October 4th, 2014

Retirement party starts Oct 2nd and the bar closes Midnight Oct 5th!

This will be a complete dispersal sale.  There will be no reserve bids.

The farm is being sold as well, so there is no place for any horses after Oct 10th.

The Sale will be held at the farm, under a big tent, by Hodgins Auctions.

All horses will be in their pens and ready for inspection on Oct. 2nd

Click here for more information, and to register for online bidding.

Directions to sale site:
From Canora, Saskatchewan, go 11 miles (18 kms) north
Cross the Assiniboine River
Turn right
Go 1 mile to sale site

Click here to view the sale order in pdf format.


Regular border crossing hours are 8 am. until 4 pm.
If a horse is sold to an American, the blood will be drawn at the sale.
The export papers will be ready late Tuesday, Oct. 7th.
If you need the horse to cross the border sooner, contact me.

Some of the transports that will be at the sale will look after the paper work
on the horses that they are hauling.

The following Transports plan to be at the sale:

Elliott Equine Transport
Contact Kim Elliot
(903) 421-4860

Keyhole Transport
Contact Ernie or Sandi Tarr
(306) 538-4545

Red Shot Transport
Contact Jared Martin
(306) 795-7399

The phone number for U.S. customs at Portal N.D. is (701) 926-4241.
The phone number for the U.S. Vet at Portal is (701) 926-4281.

Click here for a list of local motels.

Come early.
Come real early and you will be put to work.
Compensation will be food, drink and the satisfaction of being a part of a successful event.

Camping is available.