Donegal Clydesdales Heading

The End

Donegal Clydesdales dispersal sale
Donegal Clydesdales Dispersal Sale - October 4, 2014

A lifetime surrounded by Clydes came to an end in 2014.

My earliest memories are of the Clydes on the farm where I grew up.  My Dad never did drive a tractor.   He used the Clydes for seeding, harrowing, haying and harvesting.  The most pleasant memories of my childhood, involve me riding on the top of a wagon packed with hay, oats, tack etc., going the 9 miles from our farm to the Yorkton Fair grounds every July.  Showing at the Yorkton fair was a hi-light of my boyhood summers.

I left home at the time my Dad retired in 1960.  I returned 8 years later and one of the first things that I did was buy some land and get some horses.  My first purchase was Croydon Miss Judy from Eddie Arnold.  I followed this by buying some mares from Albert Horner.  Many of these mares carried my father’s bloodlines, as Albert bought several horses at my father’s dispersal sale.

What followed was 37 enjoyable years raising Clydes.  As well as enjoying the horses, I truly appreciate the people that I met,and the friends that I made.

I thank you all for giving me a wonderful life.

I look forward to having a beer with you once again.

Thanks for the memories;